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Extasy Books:

She’s a frustrated pilot. He’s strictly off-limits.
 Her past could be the death of her.

When Lieutenant Kina Tamar graduated with honors from the Starfleet Academy, she was aiming for a pilot berth aboard a premier warship. Her dreams are shattered by backroom politics and she ends up skippering a Starfleet freighter. Bored beyond belief, she’s about to resign when she’s implicated in a smuggling ring.

The officer sent to interrogate Kina is Colonel Jake Lancaster—her charismatic instructor from the Academy. Soon there are shadowy assassins on Kina’s trail, and she’s on the run with Lancaster. Along the way, she cracks the hot colonel’s resistance and enjoys a wild night of lust. Later, when she learns the truth about the Christmas tragedy that destroyed her family, she’s forced to make a devastating choice.

Kina couldn’t help but remember the exciting weight of his body covering hers during the laser fire. She wondered if he was talking shop to keep her mind off the danger or the fact they were alone in a hotel room. Not that she thought there was chance he had a secret interest in her. For all she knew he could be married or seriously attached. Unfortunately for her self-control, he’d loosened the top of his uniform tunic and she couldn’t keep her gaze off his strong bronzed throat, wondering how it would taste if she licked it. It didn’t help that the beds were just a few feet away, and at some point they’d probably be moving onto those beds to get some rest. Then again, if she knew for sure he was taken that would kill her obsession and her hormones could stand down—she’d never knowingly slept with a mated man.
    “Since we’re here,” she ventured, “maybe we could exchange some personal details.”
    His violet-colored eyes came up to study her for a moment. “What would you like to know?”
    “Where were you born to start?”
    “Earth…Seattle, Washington. Now, I live in California.”
    “Do you still have family living in Seattle?”
    He took a sip of wine. “Yes, my folks still own the house I grew up in. Dad’s a retired general and mom teaches art in junior school.”
“Any siblings?”
“Three, a younger sister who’s still in college and two brothers, both pilots with Starfleet…”
    As he spoke, Kina was suddenly aware that alertness flickered in the back of his eyes. With that came the tantalizing notion that he might actually be attracted but hiding it. What the hell, nothing ventured… “Can I ask if you’re married or attached?”
    He hesitated, deliberately setting his wine glass down on the table. “No, I’m not attached. But if you are about to suggest what I think you are about to suggest, the timing is wrong.”
    Knowing he was single was a wonderful relief, but now she had to wonder if he was heading her off because he wasn’t attracted, or he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation, or he was afraid she would try to make more of it. Whichever is was she didn’t care if he thought her shameless. This was an opportunity not to be missed. “I assure you, I’m not looking for anything more than one night in your bed…

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Xmas Party Time

Come Party with Extasy Books and Devine Destinies

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Writer's Quirks

I wonder how many readers are curious about the writing process. From the time I began writing seriously, when I was about twelve, I wanted to know what inspired authors and what routines they followed. I’m still fascinated by method. Do the majority of writers work best in the morning or late at night? Do they plot with a pen in their hand or visualize and type? How do they handle writer’s block? Perhaps some bash away, scribbling rubbish until their muse takes pity on them. Others might pace the floor cursing at the blank computer screen.

For personal and household reasons, I operate best in the early morning. And I spend a great deal of time staring out the window while I work through scenes in my mind. Regardless of routine, every writer I know admits to having trouble writing. It takes a tremendous amount of time and focus to create an entertaining tale with engaging characters and realistic dialogue.

Is the slog worth it? Absolutely. For me it’s a miraculous feeling to read a book I’ve finished and know it came about because I followed my bliss.

If an aspiring author were to ask for my advice, though I’m still somewhat of a newbie myself, I would tell them to write every day, even if you only have ten minutes to spare. When you start a new project, set a realistic deadline and stick to it. Keep moving forward. Don’t waste time revising your first draft. Too much fiddling on the first run may prevent those quirky muses from popping in to lend a hand. And definitely do not let rejection discourage you. Sylvia Plath said, The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. So keep writing, keep improving and keep submitting your manuscripts.

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November Giveaway

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Empress Karena

Empress Karena
Extasy Books Tarot Series 2

Emerald-eyed Karena is the empress of Trudane, a land where the women run the show and the men, who are considered brutal lesser creatures, are maintained in harems. Several times a year, bands of Trudanese females visit other worlds to hunt males to be sold as breeding slaves.

When Luc Van Starr is captured and transported to Empress Karena's palace, he finds an intelligent, disarming beauty whose appetite for sensuality matches his own. While the imposing Karena revels in Van Starr's magnificently sculptured body, she's unaware there is a lot more behind her captive's handsome face than it appears.

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Come And Celebrate The Spookapalooza
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New Blog / Halloween Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog.
To enter a drawing for a book of your choice, tell me what kind of paranormal powers you would most like to have.

On Halloween, I’ll choose 3 random winners


Huntress At Large

Huntress at Large is another hit for Ali Atwood. It has action, sex and a space chase, what more could you ask for in a book. I can’t wait to read Brig’s story ~ 

Reviewer Brutally Honest/The TBR Pile

Huntress at Large

Huntress Chronicles Book #2

Lexine Monroe has spent her life hiding her true nature from those around her. The preternatural strength and speed that sent her to the top of her field as a criminal enforcer, dooming her to a life alone.

Now, she has to team up with bounty hunter, Blane Sebastian. Racing against the clock to rescue a kidnapped child, due to be sold at auction on an outlaw, space station.

Six years earlier, Sebastian was Lexine’s teenage crush. Fortunately, for her, she is long past the point where a hard body and a sexy smile will put butterflies in her belly.


Since I spent most of today cleaning house, getting ready for guests, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the subject. Supposedly, purging and organizing your living space will relieve stress. Can’t argue with that, there’s satisfaction in knowing the house smells wonderfully of wax polish and you could eat off the kitchen floor.

If you asked me about my overall housewifery traits, I’d say I’m particular concerning some chores and meh with regards to others—the kitchen and bathrooms are always clean, but clutter and dust bunnies accumulate in other areas.

Then again, do I want to spend the few hours a week that aren’t accounted for cleaning behind the refrigerator? No, I’d rather be riding my friend’s horse along the beach. How many of us will look back and regret that we didn’t spend more time doing chores?

Added to that, they do say excessive cleanliness could be a sign one is heading into obsessive-compulsive territory. I have no worries on that score, LOL.

I’d be interested to know where the rest of you fall on the tidiness scale.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brain Power

Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog post. Long before I started writing for publication, I used to create stories as I drifted off to sleep. I thought of them as my moonlight novellas, if you will. Naturally, they were R rated tales featuring an array of male hotties, who might turn out to be a shapeshifter, a wizard or a God.

Now that I write professionally, I do most of my visualization sitting in my comfy office chair. Then again, as I frequently dream about plot problems that dogged me during the day, I keep a notebook and pencil on my bedside table.  Luckily, I took shorthand so most of the scribbling makes sense in the morning.

I imagine most of you have fixed problems while you’re half-asleep, or woken up with a solution without knowing where the idea came from? Scientists tell us  the average person uses a mere 10 per cent of their brain’s capacity. Something to think about.

What's Better Than a Gorgeous, Time Traveling Supercop? Two of Them

Private Investigator, Kat Monroe, is a woman to be reckoned with, an inborn huntress with predatory speed and lightning fast reflexes. Now a sadistic killer has her in his sights. Aiming to take her forward in time, where she'll be forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena.

Enter Max and Brett Jericho, time traveling supercops on assignment to bring the killer to justice. Even as her world becomes deadlier, Kat is blown away by the gorgeous, future cops. When they all end up in bed together, each man fulfills Kat's long, suppressed desires.

Determined to beat the killer at his own game, Kat opts to travel to the future and set herself up as bait. With her shifter supercops watching her back, what could possible go wrong?

The TBR Pile This is not just a recommended read. Huntress for Hire is a fantastic, wild adventure that everyone must experience!