Sunday, May 8, 2016


Gay/Erotic Romance/Magick/Paranormal

Archer McKenzie is a modern day wizard whose heritage dates back to the sixteenth century. While Archer has a wealth of magical talents at his disposal, he chooses to live under the radar, with a day job as a private investigator.

 Popular artist, Kirby Langston, believes the man he’s been dating could be The One, until a violent street encounter throws him into the path of the lethally seductive McKenzie.

 When Kirby hires Archer to find his missing brother, everything changes. Archer and Kirby must fight against the black magic wrought by a powerful enemy in the ultimate battle for survival.


Kirby was still struggling with his chaotic thoughts, trying to make sense of the whole thing. He wondered for the umpteenth time if he was dreaming it all. Archer was certainly dream-worthy and that was becoming a big problem. Even if he was only thinking it, he was still betraying Marcus.

He glanced up when Archer handed him a glass and sat down opposite him. Sipping his own wine while he studied Kirby. “Okay, shoot, ask your questions.”

Kirby hesitated, not sure where to start, trying to recall what he knew about the occult. “Are you Wiccan?” It was the first thing that came into his head. “I understand they practice a benevolent type of witchcraft.”

Archer’s mouth curved into a small smile. “I’m not Wiccan, and I don’t belong to any society, though I do come from a long line of sorcerers.”

“So you were born and bred with your special abilities?”

“Yes, my family’s heritage dates back to the sixteenth century.”

Kirby took a sip of wine. He still couldn’t believe he was talking to a supernatural being. “So how did your family acquire their special abilities?”

Archer shrugged. “No one knows how or why the power to cast spells was given to us, only that the gift should be used for Good.”

Kirby absorbed that. “Okay, since every element supposedly has an opposite, what about the power of Evil, does it exist?”

“Yes. There are countless devil worshipers all over the world.”

Kirby took a gulp of wine. “Is that what you think we’re dealing with here? Is someone working black magic on Derek?”

Archer nodded slowly. “It would appear so.”

Kirby grimaced at the idea. Though he’d always thought of himself as a spiritual person, in as much as he enjoyed nature and wildlife, he’d never considered himself to be religious person. Yet now he was being told that not only did Evil exist, but he would have to go up against it. “Obviously, you see farther than I do with this stuff. So how do we proceed?”

“We take protective measures and wait for them to make the next move.”

“Them? You think there’s more than one person involved?”

“Thirteen to be exact, the number that makes up a coven.”

Kirby knew his eyes must be as large as saucers. Sorcerers, witches, covens, devil worshipers. His head swam. For a second he wondered if Archer was making that all up, but the truth was visible in his gaze. “How can you defeat that many?”

“The number doesn’t matter. When it comes down to it, It’ll be me against their leader.”

“And you believe your magic’s stronger?”

“Good against Evil is always a tossup.”

“Not very reassuring.”

“I don’t want to lie to you, Kirby. You need to be prepared for what might come. And the best thing you can do right now is get some rest.”

“Fat chance, with images of horned beings stuck in my head.”

“So sleep in my bed.”

Kirby blinked. “What?”

“You can rest easy with me. My clairvoyant genii will alert me at the first sign of danger.” He paused, holding Kirby’s gaze. “The offer comes with or without sex.”

Kirby couldn’t prevent the flash of lust that streaked through him before he thought of Marcus with a pang of guilt. Betraying him mentally was one thing. Everybody went fantasy-window shopping now and again, but doing the down and dirty with Archer behind Marcus’ back was something else again.

Added to that, it didn’t seem as if the wizard’s sentiments were involved. For him it was probably just an itch that needed to be scratched, and giving in would be wrong. Then again, staying close to Archer for safety’s sake sounded reasonable and sensible. He wasn’t a coward, but the things they were dealing with were enough to give any mere mortal the heebie-jeebies. He drained his drink. “Okay, I’ll sleep in your bed, but no sex. I’m seeing someone.”

 An hour later, Kirby was stripped down to his white jockey’s, lying as close as he could to the edge of Archer’s king size bed without falling out. Sleep was all but impossible. Firstly, he couldn’t stop thinking about that group of devil worshipers out there planning who knows what. Secondly, he’d glimpsed Archer getting undressed and knew he was buck-naked on the other side of the bed, which was driving him mad with desire, wondering about the size and shape of the wizard’s sex. He tried again to relax his muscles, closing his eyes while he drew in some slow deep breaths, visualizing a white sandy beach with palm trees and gently lapping waves.

“Still awake?”

Kirby snapped his eyes open. “What? Ah, yeah…” He hoped the other man couldn’t read minds.

“Want me to sing you a lullaby?”

Glancing over his shoulder to see Archer’s white teeth flash in the darkness, Kirby had to laugh. “Thanks, Mom, but I’ll pass.”

“How about a good night kiss?”

“Cut it out.”

Cut what out, this?” Archer reached over and laid a gentle hand on Kirby’s shoulder. He let his fingers glide down over the bicep and forearm to Kirby’s palm, which he softly stroked, making the blood shoot to Kirby’s dick. “I may be taking advantage of the situation but sex is a great antidote for tension.”

Kirby, whose pulse was as jerky as his breathing, couldn’t disagree. Nor could he look away from McKenzie’s dark gaze, glowing with erotic promise.

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