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HARD CONTACT (Guild Enforcer Book 1)
Gay/Erotic/Paranormal Romance
Hard Contact is the first book in the Guild Enforcer Series. It’s a sexy, action-packed m/m romance with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending.

On the surface, Ty Lighthorne is a successful bounty hunter based in Boston. Undercover, he’s part of a covert task force regulated by the Fae Justice Guild. Ty and the team pursue paranormal criminals who’ve escaped to the human realm to avoid punishment. Since Ty is a hybrid, half human and half Fae, he’s totally at home in both dimensions.

Reed Harrison’s dream of becoming a piano soloist was in his grasp until tragedy ripped his world apart. When the justice system fails him, he devises his own method of retribution reinventing himself as a licensed bounty hunter.

Ty and Reed are polar opposites, but events force them into partnership and the sexual sparks fly. Reed maintains his distance because he’s all about the mission—hell-bent on revenge. Ty is a mix of toughness and devil-may-care with a strong allegiance to the Justice Guild. He knows better than to trust anyone with his secrets. A hot-blooded affair could threaten both their futures.


Reed looked up sharply at the sound of Ty Lighthorne’s rumbling voice. It had come as a jolt seeing him in the bar. Matching the image he’d recently scoped out online.

At thirty two, Lighthorne was one of the country’s top-ranked bounty hunters—ex-military, Army Ranger, with a chest full of medals and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. People in bail bond circles tended to talk about him in hushed voices. It was common knowledge he went after the underworld heavyweights, and his success rate was legendary. Despite the media’s interest in him, he refused to be interviewed, which generated more interest.

In the flesh, Lighthorne looked as powerful as his reputation. Wide shouldered, narrow hipped, with legs that went on forever. He was handsome in a been-there-done-that kind of way.  His face was seasoned by sun and wind, his dark hair was thick and wavy, and his deep blue eyes conveyed cool confidence. He looked exactly like an actor who would have been cast to play a bounty hunter in an action movie.

Reed felt equal parts of awe and frustration that the famous hunter had stepped in to wield the upper hand. He’d known there was a primary bond agent when he’d signed up for a side deal. He should have figured Lighthorne was the lead. Doubtless the bond companies fought to enlist his services.

Reed watched him as he turned attention to the bail skip. “Last chance, Jesse, give me your supplier’s name and a location or else.”

Apparently, Lighthorne’s reputation, as a man who played by his own rules was well-known on the streets. Butler swallowed noisily and caved. “His name’s Lonnie Bryant.”

Lighthorne nodded. “Last known address?”

Butler’s dark eyes darted fearfully, as if seeking another escape way. “I told the truth on that. I don’t know where he lives.”

Lighthorne cuffed Butler upside the head. “Then it’s jail for you, my man. I need contact information on Bryant.”

Butler looked increasingly muddled and scared. “Okay, okay, gimme a minute.” He squeezed his eyes shut, scrunching his brows, as if to search his memory for any small scrap of information. His eyes popped open, and he flashed his buck teeth. “I do know a place. But it’s not a house. It’s a club, called Mulberry's, over on Dawson Street. I heard Lonnie spends a lot of time there because he’s got the hots for a female bartender.” He flicked his hopeful gaze back and forth at their faces. “I cooperated. That’s all I got. Swear ta God.”

Lighthorne held Butler’s gaze, as if to gauge his honesty. He nodded. “You can go. Next time you won’t be so lucky.”
Reed moved to remove Butler’s restraints, then watched him scurry away. He was disappointed they hadn’t gotten more information. Wondering what his next move should be.

“Maybe you should make your bones with a less dangerous case.”

Reed spun. “What?”

Lighthorne’s intense blue eyes were narrowed speculatively. “I’m guessing you’re really tracking Dominic Salazar?”

Reed hesitated, but there was no reason to deny it. “Yeah, I’m looking for him.”

Lighthorne nodded. “Okay, since you’re a freshly minted hunter, you're probably not aware  that Salazar is forging links with the Russian Mafia.”

Reed hadn’t known that. But even if Lighthorne was trying to help him, it still rankled to be underrated by the top dog. “Look I might be a newbie, but I'm not a damn candy ass. I don't back down from a challenge.” He raised his voice to emphasize, “I'm going to nail Salazar, and you can take that to the bank.”

Lighthorne studied him through those razor-sharp blue eyes. The punch of power behind them was unnerving.

Standing this close, Reed could breathe him in, and he smelled so damn good, oozing virility. When his groin tightened, Reed shifted his weight feeling his face heating. “Right then, I’ll be on my way.”

Lighthorne’s white teeth flashed in the darkness, as if he were aware of Reed’s reaction. He gave a two-fingered salute. “I wish you luck, Agent Harrison. Don’t get in my way.”

Reed’s heart was pounding as he watched Lighthorne head toward a pick-up truck. The top hunter’s long-limbed gait was fast and fluid, as enjoyable to look at as the rest of him. He was dangerous and sexy. Reed didn’t doubt that men and women were queuing up to be with him. When he found himself speculating on the size of Lighthorne’s unfettered dick, he blanked the image.

Jesus Harrison. Dial it back. The last thing he needed was horny thoughts short-circuiting his brain. He turned to climb into his own car, listening to Lighthorne’s vehicle firing up and then the heavy purr of its ultra-powerful engine as he drove away.




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